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new construction

We develop building envelopes for challenging conditions and innovative designs.


Building owners hire us to collaborate with their architects and contractors. We ensure the technical aspects of the building envelope can be executed while maintaining the integrity of the design.


During design and pre-construction, we offer these services:

  • Assess pre-construction conditions

  • Recommend building envelope systems

  • Review of design drawings and construction documents

  • Write technical specifications of building envelope assemblies

During construction, we can:

  • Review plan submittals and requests for substitutions

  • Resolve difficult construction conditions

  • Observe construction progress with periodic site visits

  • Review and test field mock-ups



We identify critical areas of concern and remediate sources of failure.


By the time problems are visible in the building enclosure, significant damage may have already occurred. We investigate the root of the failure and design repair schemes that lay out the materials and methods to fix the problem. We work closely with contractors so that effective systems are installed properly.


Repair and remediation services include:

  • Review historical documents

  • Investigate existing conditions

  • Destructive testing and repair recommendations

  • Develop construction documents and technical specifications

  • Contract and construction administration

  • Review site work, field mockups, and sample tests

We are trusted to design repairs for:

  • Historic restorations

  • Leaking roofs, windows, doors, and foundations

  • Loose and cracked masonry

  • Mold remediation

  • Interior wet and humid areas, including showers, spas, indoor pools, and below grade spaces

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Quality Assurance testing

You want to know if your building leaks before the rain finds its way inside.

NSA performs due diligence and enclosure evaluation testing on new and existing construction. We create artificial, calibrated storm conditions and test against industry standard specifications. If there are failures, we determine the root cause.

We conduct testing for investors considering a new building acquisition, and for owners making significant investments in complex window and door systems to ensure water-tight installation.

Our evaluation and testing services include:

  • Pre-purchase due diligence studies

  • On-site testing of existing building envelopes

  • Differential pressure tests of fenestration to ASTM standards

  • Field mockups of window and door systems

  • Specify manufacturing requirements

  • Review shop drawings from manufacturers

  • Specify assembly details and sequence




In disputes and construction litigation, we conduct investigations, report findings, and solve problems.

Building owners sometimes find themselves in disputes with developers or contractors over quality shortfalls. We are hired to identify the extent and location of problem areas. We provide  thorough remediation plans so owners can work with contractors to determine repair costs.


Our construction litigation support services include:

  • Investigate and report project conditions

  • Review construction drawings and documents

  • Quality testing

  • Destructive testing and repair recommendations

  • Pre-trial discovery, documentation, and reporting

  • Pre-trial depositions

  • Trial prep review

  • Expert testimony

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